Plantation Grove Artist Impression

Tengah BTO: Read Before You Buy Plantation Grove

HDB unveils first Tengah BTO, Plantation Grove in BTO NOV 2018

Plantation Grove marks the first Build-To-Order (BTO) housing development in the Plantation District Tengah. The Tengah BTO development will feature lush landscaping with intimate wooded courtyards that form grove-like spaces, blending into this surrounding.

HDB has launched 1,620 flats made up of 2-room flexi, 3-, 4-, 5-room and 3Gen flats which is spread across seventeen residential blocks varying between 8 to 14 storeys. Below is the Tengah BTO map depicting its actual location and its surrounding amenities.

Plantation Grove Location Map
Plantation Grove Location Plan (Credit HDB)

Plantation Grove HDB is bound by Tengah Drive, Plantation Drive and Bukit Batok Road. The housing development is within walking distance to 2 upcoming stations serving the Jurong Region Line MRT, and direct bus services to central business district and nearby towns. Plantation District being a car-lite town will pilot the autonomous vehicles to provide first-mile-last-mile connection to important transport nodes and amenities.

If you are interested to learn more about the Car-Lite Initiative, you can read on our coverage on the Punggol Digital District to discover the upside potential of a smart town. If you are keen to get more information on other upcoming BTO in the West Region, you may read about Boon Lay Glade which is walking distance to Boon lay MRT station.

Along the north western wall of the housing development is site reserved for common green to facilitate pedestrian access to and from the future Jurong Regional Line.

Plantation Farmway
Plantation Farmway (Credit HDB)

About Plantation Farmway

The Plantation Farmway is a key installation in the master plan to provide public spaces to foster lifestyles centred around community gardening and farming. Alongside the Plantation Farmway will be important public amenities such as a Community Club, Neighbourhood Centre, and a shopping making it a vibrant place for residents and visitors.

The Forest Fringe, a 15- to 20-metre wide linear green, is another green initiative to enhance and provide a tranquil and rustic environment for residents to enjoy. Residents will be able to cycle and walk around Tengah easily via the extensive network of cycling and pedestrian paths throughout the district

Plantation District Neighbourhood Centre
Neighbourhood Centre (Credit HDB)

Eco-Friendly Design

The Plantation District is designed with several green features to promote environment friendly activities such as  recycling, energy efficiency and water savings.

The chute bins are separated to distinguish organic from recyclable waste which can be collected for recycling plants. The ABC Waters design features to clean rainwater and beautify the landscapes.

Bicycle stands to encourage cycling and designated carparks to facilitate car-sharing, as an initiative to reduce reliance on cars and reduce carbon emission.

The introduction of regenerative lifts allows power to be distributed to the building’s electrical network for storage or other uses. The installation of eco-pedestals in bathrooms to encourage water conservation.

Plantation Grove Artist Impression
Artist Impression (Credit HDB)

Plantation Grove flats adopts smart technology

The Tengah HDB will feature smart solutions and shared facilities to bring about a more liveable, efficient, sustainable and safe living environment.

Smart Solutions For Tengah Build-To-Order Flats

The Tengah smart town will design smart-enabled homes with provisions to support easy installation of smart systems such as smart lighting in common areas to reduce energy usage. The Plantation Grove BTO will employ a smart pneumatic waste conveyance system to optimise the deployment of resources for cleaner and efficient waste disposal.

Tengah Artist Impression
Artist Impression (Credit HDB)

First Centralised Cooling System In Tengah BTO Flats

The Plantation Grove BTO flats offers the homeowners a choice to subscribe air conditioning services from a centralised cooling system managed by SP Service. This initiative is the first time being offered to public housing which are more commonly seen in commercial buildings.

The highly energy efficient chillers will directly deliver air-conditioning to the flats via a special duct. There will be no requirement to install and maintain outdoor condensing units as the centralised chillers will be managed by the town council. It is expected to yield cost savings through the economies of scale while contributing to a sustainable lifestyle in this eco-friendly district. Home owners may seek more details during flat selection exercise. Home owners can make a decision to subscribe to the centralised cooling system from flat selection onwards.

Tengah Forest Corridor
Tengah Forest Corridor (credit HDB)

A Green Haven In Tengah Forest Corridor

Live amid a lush green environment in Tengah, the first of its kind forest-themed town with homes surrounded by lush greenery and nature, where residents can enjoy quality living and connect with the community in a myriad of amenities and green space.

Under the URA Master Plan, it will be the first “forest town” that is integrated with the area’s surrounding greenery and biodiversity. The main attraction is an approximately 100-metre wide and 5km long forest corridor which will form part of the larger network of greenery.

This Tengah Forest Corridor will be planted with various tree species to transform it into a rich forest habitat. Complementing the Forest Corridor is the Forest Fringe, a 15- to 20-metre wide linear green that will provide a tranquil and rustic environment for residents to enjoy flora and fauna, and envelop the town within a scenic and natural landscape. In addition, extensive park spaces such as the Central Park and Community Farmways also string key amenities and facilities together, providing a safe environment for residents to access their daily amenities.

Amenities Near Tengah BTO

West Mall Shopping Bukit Batok
West Mall Shopping Bukit Batok

West Mall, Bukit Batok Central

Situated in the heart of Bukit Batok Central, West Mall has providing a variety  of entertainment activities since 1998. The comprehensive tenant mix in  West Mall offers an unparalleled shopping experience and convenience for all visitors.

The residents at Plantation Grove can enjoy a wide array of shopping, dining and entertainment options. The 6-storey West Mall offers  fashion, gifts and lifestyle, sporting goods, hair, beauty and wellness, electronics, cafes, food court, restaurants, a 6-hall Cineplex, a community library, a supermarket and a post office.

Easily accessible by all forms of transportation, West Mall is located next to Bukit Batok MRT Station and is in close proximity to the Bukit Batok Bus Interchange.

Supermarkets Near Tengah BTO

There are plenty of supermarkets to meet the daily needs of residents at Plantation Grove as listed below:

Sheng Shiong Supermarket logo

440 Bukit Batok West Avenue 8, Unit No. 10

NTUC Fair Price Supermarket logo

498 Jurong West Street 41

2 Bukit Batok West Avenue 7, Unit No. 10

Cold Storage Supermarket logo

492 Jurong West Street 41

Plantation Grove Site Plan
Plantation Grove Site Plan

Best Facing Units for Tengah BTO

The HBD BTO NOV 2018 has launched a total of 17 blocks of housing development holding 1,620 units of BTO flats as below:

South Block, 8 Blocks
Blocks 116A, 116B
Blocks 117A
Blocks 118A, 118B
Blocks 119A, 119B, 119C

North Block, 9 Blocks
Blocks 120A, 120B, 120C
Blocks 121A, 121B, 121C
Blocks 122A, 122B, 122C

Tengah BTO Facade
Plantation Grove Impression (Credit HDB)

The Planation Grove BTO flats are divided into 2 major sectors North and South. The south blocks are closer to the Jurong Regional Line and community hubs, with an ingress and egress point for vehicular access located at the Plantation Crescent.

The vehicular access for the north blocks is located at Tengah Drive but is further away from the MRT station and community areas. The entire housing development are served by 2 single storey carpark with one basement. This is in accordance to the town planning to make Tengah HDB a car-light precinct.

Important things to note are the Electrical Sub-Stations positioned at Block 177B and Block 120. Home buyers may wish to avoid the lower floors as it can be unsightly and noisy. There is also a 3-storey community club at block 119 and homebuyers to get units higher than 4th floor to clear the roof top.

The general orientation of the site is angle along North-East to South-West – Thus, making both sides of the housing development taking partial morning and afternoon sun. As the surrounding land are not yet developed, it is best to avoid those units facing the empty as construction could stretch over 10-15 years.

For this housing development, it is better to invest more time to study the internal conditions such as position of lift lobby and rubbish chute, wider corridor out the flat. I think these attributes could be more relevant and applicable in this HDB BTO Nov 2018.

Do remember that south blocks get better access to Jurong Regional Line but do avoid facing them if it is not subterranean.

Affordability Guideline For Plantation Grove BTO

The following calculations provides a guide to the Tengah HDB price for a quick comparison between the different flat types.

Tengah District 2RM FLEXI
Plantation Grove Mortgage 2RM FLEXI (Credit HDB)

HDB BTO 2-Room Flex (Type 1)

Typical Price: $110,000
Additional CPF Housing Grant (AHG): $35,000
Special CPF Housing Grant (SHG): $40,000

With an initial down-payment of 10% of $11,000, the remaining price of the flat can be supplement with a housing loan of $24,000 at monthly mortgage payment of $109. Based on a median household income of $2,000, the mortgage servicing ratio is 5%.

Tengah BTO Mortgage 3RM
Plantation Grove Mortgage 3RM (Credit HDB)

HDB BTO 3-Room

Typical Price: $220,000
Additional CPF Housing Grant (AHG): $25,000
Special CPF Housing Grant (SHG): $40,000

With an initial down-payment of 10% of $22,000, the remaining price of the flat can be supplement with a housing loan of $133,000 at monthly mortgage payment of $604. Based on a median household income of $2,700, the mortgage servicing ratio is 22%. 

Plantation Grove Mortgage 4RM
Plantation Grove Mortgage 4RM (Credit HDB)

HDB BTO 4-Room

Typical Price: $320,000
Additional CPF Housing Grant (AHG): $5,000
Special CPF Housing Grant (SHG): $40,000

With an initial down-payment of 10% of $32,000, the remaining price of the flat can be supplement with a housing loan of $243,000 at monthly mortgage payment of $1,103. Based on a median household income of $4,700, the mortgage servicing ratio is 23%.

Tengah HDB Mortgage 5 Room
Plantation Grove Mortgage 5 Room (Credit HDB)

HDB BTO 5-Room

Typical Price: $440,000
Additional CPF Housing Grant (AHG): $0
Special CPF Housing Grant (SHG): $0

With an initial down-payment of 10% of $44,000, the remaining price of the flat can be supplement with a housing loan of $396,000 at monthly mortgage payment of $1,797. Based on a median household income of $6,800, the mortgage servicing ratio is 26%.

The Tengah BTO price makes it one of the most attractive choices in this HDB BTO AUG 2018 . There are plenty of opportunities for growth when the new Jurong Regional MRT is completed which promises fast and seamless connections to city and neighbouring estates.

Education Institutions Near Plantation Grove

For families with young schooling children, it is important to take notice of the choices in education to plan out the long term stay in your new home. We have compiled some of the extensive options below:

Primary School

Jurong Primary School
Princess Elizabeth Primary School
Yuhua Primary School

Secondary Schools

Assumption English School
Assumption Pathway School
Boon Lay Secondary School
Bukit Batok Secondary School
Bukit Panjang Secondary School
Bukit View Secondary School
Chua Chu Kang Secondary School
Commonwealth Secondary School
Crest Secondary School
Dunearn Secondary School
Fajar Secondary School
Fuhua Secondary School
Greenridge Secondary School
Hillgrove Secondary School
Hong Kah Secondary School
Hua Yi Secondary School
Jurong Secondary School
Jurong West Secondary School
JurongVille Secondary School

Completion Time Guideline For Plantation District Tengah BTO Flats

For home buyers who are applying for Plantation Grove can expect selection process to commence from January 2019 to July 2019. The BTO flat is estimated to complete by end of third quarter 2023 and home owners can expect to receive their keys by 31 August 2024.

The overall waiting time the Plantation Grove BTO flats is 48 to 52 months, which is much longer than those flats offered in EastGlen @ Canberra and Melody Spring @ Yishun and Fernvale Acres @ Sengkang during this HDB BTO NOV 2018 exercise.

Learn more about your HDB BTO NOV 2018 Plantation Grove here.