Fernvale Acres

Fernvale Acres: Read this before you buy Sengkang BTO

Overview of Sengkang Fernvale Acres HDB BTO NOV

Sengkang BTO Logo
Sengkang BTO Logo

Fernvale Acres is a public housing estate in Sengkang town which is launched in the HDB BTO NOV 2018 exercise. The concept plan for this Sengkang Build-To Order (BTO) has been designed to emphasise the plantations from its history of farming conveyed through the lush landscaping and rustic colours.

The Fernvale Acres offers an exclusive 330 flats comprising of  4- and 5-room in two 23-storey residential housing blocks. The site is bound by Fernvale Lane and Yio Chu Kang Road and has an open park along the western sector

A new sheltered bus bay  near Block 402A will be constructed to serve residents at Fernvale Acres. The upcoming BTO is close to Fernvale LRT Station which enjoys a direct linkway to The Seletar Mall. A new road named Buangkok Drive will be built to provide the residents with better access to the Buangkok MRT Station.

Hand washing with Eco-pedestals

Bicycle stands in HDB void deck

Eco-Friendly Design For Fernvale Acres

Fernvale Acres embraces environment friendly installations to promote recycling, energy efficiency and water savings.

  1. The chute bins are separated to distinguish recyclable waste from normal waste.
  2. The use of regenerative lifts to allow power to be recycled and distributed to the building’s electrical network for storage and other purposes. Bicycle stands to encourage cycling and designated carparks to facilitate car-sharing and reduce reliance on private transportation.
  3. The use of sustainable and recycled products and installation of eco-pedestals in bathrooms to encourage water conservation.
Fernvale Acres Site Plan
Fernvale Acres Site Plan

Best Facing Units in Fernvale Acres

The analysis of the Fernvale Acres site map helps to guide homebuyers on the things to look out for during the HDB BTO NOV 2018 selection of your dream home. The 2 residential blocks are as below:

North Block

Block 402A (23 Storeys)
4-Room: 110 Units (55%)
5-Room: 88 Units (45%)

No. of Units Per Floor: 9 Units
No. of Lifts: 4 Lifts
Lift Density: 49.50 Units/Lift

South Block

Block 402B (23 Storeys)
4-Room: 88 Units (66%)
5-Room: 44 Units (34%)

No of Units Per Floor: 6 Units
No. of Lifts: 3 Lifts
Lift Density: 44 Units/Lift

Carpark (6 Storeys)
Block 402
No. of Lifts: 2 Lifts

Density of Blocks in Sengkang BTO

It is interesting to note that the density in terms of number of dwelling units is much lower in Block 402B than Block 402A. The density is higher at 49.50 units per lift in Block 402A when compared to the 44 units per lift in Block 402B.  There is also noticeable lesser units per floor in 402B which may experience lesser footfall in the common area.

Some of the Sengkang BTO units enjoy a slightly larger common area outside their unit and this may appeal to some homeowners. These units are Stack 201, 207, 209 and 213 in Block 402A and Stacks 221, 223 and 225.

Bin Centre, Electrical Sub-station (ESS) and Carpark Entrances

HDB Eco-friendly separate chutes for recyclable waste

1. Bin Centres

There are two bin centre is located on the 1st floor at between Blocks 402A and 402B. It is noted that Fernvale Acres does not adopt the Pneumatic Waste Conveyance System which the new and larger estate are implementing. While the HDB flats have been designed to have their main living areas away from the bin centres, it is still wiser to avoid the lower floors in Stacks 201, 217 and Stacks 225, 227 as it can be noisy during collection hours.

Units Near Bin Centre
Block 402A – Stack 201, 217
Block 402B – Stack 225, 227

2. Morning & Afternoon Sun

Both blocks are ideally positioned in the general North-South orientation which is ideal to avoid direct morning and afternoon sun. Most of the units have a general North-South orientation except for Stacks 217, 223 and 225, which will experience morning sun.

The Stacks 209, 211 and 221, 229 are slight better off due to their angled position in the North-West orientation. This will provide some safety net from the west sun for most part of the year.

3. Electrical Sub-Station (ESS)

The only ESS for the entire estate is located on the 1st floor of Block 402 which is the multi-storey carpark. As the estate is not large, the ESS is relatively smaller when compared to the other estates during this HDB NOV 2018.

The ESS is also carefully placed in the South-West corner which far away from both residential blocks. As such, there is no immediate concern for any stack facing the ESS.

Sengkang BTO Artist Impression
Sengkang BTO Artist Impression

Pricing of 4-Room & 5-Room Flats in Fernvale Acres

The indicative price range of these Sengkang BTO flats is tabulated below.

Flat Type Estimated Floor
Area* (sqm)
Estimated Internal
Floor Area^ (sqm)
No. of unitsIndicative Price Range #
(Excluding Grants)
4-room9390198$270,000 – $353,000
5-room113110132$366,000 – $438,000

*Refers to the estimated area of the whole apartment, comprising the internal floor area and air-conditioner ledge.
^Refers to the estimated area of the apartment computed based on the centre line of the apartment wall.
#Actual prices may vary based on the actual attributes of the flats at the time of selection.
Prices include the costs of floor finishes, internal doors, and sanitary fittings.
4- and 5-room flats are sold on a 99-year lease.

Comparable Sengkang HDB Resale
Comparable Sengkang HDB Resale

Affordability Guideline For Sengkang BTO Flats

The following calculations provides a general advice to the monthly mortgage payments for Tampines HDB flats:

4-Room HDB Mortgage
4-Room HDB Mortgage

Sengkang BTO 4-Room

Typical Price: $310,000
10% Down-payment (CPF/Cash) : $31,000

Additional CPF Housing Grant (AHG): $5,000
Special CPF Housing Grant (SHG): $40,000

With an initial 10% down-payment of $26,000, the remaining price of the flat can be supplement with a housing loan of $234,000 at monthly mortgage payment of $1,062. Based on a median household income of $4,700, the mortgage servicing ratio is 23%.

5-Room HDB Mortgage
5-Room HDB Mortgage

Sengkang BTO 5-Room

Typical Price: $400,000
10% Down-payment (CPF/Cash) : $40,000

Additional CPF Housing Grant (AHG): $0
Special CPF Housing Grant (SHG): $0

With an initial 10% down-payment of $40,000, the remaining price of the flat can be supplement with a housing loan of $360,000 at monthly mortgage payment of $1,634. Based on a median household income of $6,800, the mortgage servicing ratio is 24%.

Fernvale Acres Floor Plan

Below are the suggested floor plans to help homebuyers visualise the layout of different bedroom type.

5 Room Type A (with suggested furniture layout)

Fernvale Acres Floor Plan 5 room Type A
Fernvale Acres Floor Plan

5 Room Type B (with suggested furniture layout)

Fernvale Acres Floor Plan 5 Room Type B
Fernvale Acres Floor Plan

4 Room (with suggested furniture layout)

Fernvale Acres Floor Plan
Fernvale Acres Floor Plan

Lifestyle And Shopping Malls Near Fernvale Acres Sengkang BTO

The Fernvale Acres is located in the heartland neighbourhood between Buangkok and Sengkang. There two nearby malls to provide a wide variety of products and services to meet the daily needs of the residents.

The Seletar Mall
The Seletar Mall

Seletar Mall

The Seletar Mall is about 800 metres away from Fernvale Acres and enjoys a direct link bridge to the Fernvale Light Rail Transit (LRT) station. The Seletar Mall is seamlessly connect to the Sengkang North-East Line (NEL) MRT and Sengkang bus interchange via the Fernvale LRT.

The Seletar Mall features 6 levels of exciting retail and 384 parking lots to meet the needs of the visitors and families. With a nett lettable area of 188,000 square feet, they attracted three major anchor tenants such as Shaw Theatres, NTUC Foodfare and Fairprice Finest Supermarket.

Shaw Theatres

The Shaw Theatres located on Level 4 operates 8-screen multiplex and has an estimated capcity of 800 seats. There are dedicated in-cinema lifts which allow direct access to the cinema hall level to cater the needs of the disabled cinema-goers.

NTUC Foodfare

The concept of Seletar Mall is orientated towards family and is proud to partner NTUC Foodfare as its food court operator. The food court will occupy 12,000 square feet of commercial space on Level 3  and has a capacity of 450 seats.

There will be family dining area fitted to specially customised low tables and kid-sized chairs for families with young children. In addition, there will be a kids’ movie corner and table activities for the families.

FairPrice Finest Supermarket

The FairPrice Finest supermarket occupying 23,000 square feet of retail on the second basement offers a wide selection of premium foods, household items and fresh produce for the residents in the vicinity.

Due to the accessibility to several expressways such as Tampines Expressway (TPE) and Central Expressway (CTE), the Seletar Mall draws in crowd from the nearby towns as well.

Compass One Shopping Mall
Compass One Shopping Mall

Compass One

Compass One is a suburban shopping mall that is a part of an integrated development located in heart of Sengkang town. The shopping mall formerly known as Compass Point was built alongside the Compass Heights, which is a condominium located adjacent to the mall. The mall commence its operations in August 2002 but was closed for an extensive period when it undergone renovation works in late October 2015.

The mall reopened for business in September 2016 and has an approximate net lettable area of 269,098 square feet. Each level  of the shopping centre was named after the five major continent using different motifs to represent the diversity of that continent.

The mall enjoys direct connection to Sengkang MRT and LRT Stations and draws a high footfall on a daily basis. There are several anchor tenants such as Breadtalk, Toast Box, Cold Storage and National Library.

Primary and Secondary Schools Near Sengkang HDB BTO

When deciding a home for long term use, it is of relative importance to consider the availability of quality primary and secondary schools as these factors have a relative positive correlation to the housing prices.

There are research papers that suggested the casual impact of school quality has on housing prices in major cities as it is one of the dominant influence in the decision-making process of homebuyers. In some districts, housing prices rely more on the school quality in the neighbourhood than the distance to the business district.

Sengkang Green Primary School

Primary Schools

Fernvale Primary School
1 Fernvale Lane S(797701)

Sengkang Green Primary School
15 Fernvale Road S(797636)

Fern Green Primary School
70 Fernvale Link S(797538)

Anchor Green Primary School
31 Anchorvale Drive S(544969)

Hougang Primary School
1 Hougang Street 93 S(534238)

Yio Chu Kang Primary School
1 Hougang Street 51 S(538720)

Rosyth School
21 Serangoon North Avenue 4 S(555855)

Secondary Schools

Pei Hwa Secondary School
21 Fernvale Link, S(797702)

Nan Chiau High School
20 Anchorvale Link, S(545079)

Hougang Secondary School
2 Hougang Street 93, S(534256)

Montfort Secondary School
50 Hougang Avenue 8, S(538785)

Xinmin Secondary School
11 Hougang Avenue 8, S(538789)

Transport Infrastructure Near Fernvale HDB BTO

Tampines is a developing town with good transport system allowing residents to connect onto other MRT network via the North-East Line (NEL). The NEL transport system is further complemented by the LRT system which allows the residents to connect seamlessly to their home. The LRT system provide a last mile transport which is an alternative to the bus services.

As the cost of private transportation is expensive, it is ideal to choose a property that has good accessibility to public transport, in particular, such as MRT. The proximity to good public transport has a positive effect on the housing prices in the longer term.

Completion Time Guideline For Fernvale Acres HDB BTO NOV Flats

For applicants who are considering the Fernvale Acres, it is estimated that selection of flat your flats can take place between January 2019 to July 2019. The BTO flat is estimated to complete by end of first quarter 2021 and home owners can expect to receive their keys by 31 March 2022.

The estimated waiting time the Fernvale Acres BTO flats is 22 to 23 months is similar to the flats offered in EastGlen @ Canberra and Melody Spring @ Yishun. Learn more information about Fernvale Acres .

*All photos and images are courtesy of HDB