Tampines GreenGem

Tampines GreenGem: Read before you buy Tampines BTO

Tampines GreenGem HDB BTO NOV Offers Unblocked View Of Bedok Reservoir

Tampines GreenGem is a the latest Tampines BTO to be offered in the Built-To-Order (BTO) exercise in November 2018. Tampines is the only mature estate that has been released during HDB BTO NOV 2018 and it comes with a rare view of the reservoir. The design concept is inspired by the tranquil nature of the Bedok Reservoir and nearby nature park.

Tampines GreenGem logo
(Credit HDB)

The Tampines GreenGem offers a total of 1,086 flats comprising of 2-room flexi, 3-, 4-, 5-room built over 13 residential blocks varying between 13 to 17 storeys for application. The location map shows the actual location of Tampines GreenGem and its surrounding amenities.

Tampines GreenGem Location Map
Tampines GreenGem Location Map

Tampines GreenGem is located near Tampines West MRT Station and bound by Bedok Reservoir Road and Tampines Street 96. The housing development is within walking distance to Downtown Line MRT (DTL3) which is located along Tampines Avenue 4. There are direct bus services to Tampines Central, Pasir Ris Central and Bedok Bus Interchange. The residents can travel to central business district and nearby towns easily via MRT or buses.

Along the eastern part of the housing development is a park connector which provide seamless connection to the surrounding nature parks and Bedok Reservoir.

Tampines GreenGem
Tampines GreenGem

Eco-Friendly Design

Tampines GreenGem encourages its residents to adopt environment friendly activities such as  recycling, energy efficiency and water savings.

  1. The chute bins are separated to distinguish organic from recyclable waste which can be collected for recycling plants.
  2. The introduction of regenerative lifts allows power to be distributed to the building’s electrical network for storage or other uses. Bicycle stands to encourage cycling and designated carparks to facilitate car-sharing, as an initiative to reduce reliance on cars and reduce carbon emission.
  3. The ABC Waters is designed to clean rainwater and beautify the landscapes. The installation of eco-pedestals in bathrooms to encourage water conservation.

Best Facing Units in Tampines GreenGem


The analysis of the Tampines GreenGem site map highlights the things to look out for when choosing your dream home. HBD BTO NOV 2018 has launched a total of 13 residential blocks as below:

Main Blocks, 9 Blocks
Blocks 951A, 951B, 951C
Blocks 952A, 952B, 952C
Blocks 953A, 953B, 953C

East Block, 4 Blocks
Blocks 954A, 954B, 954C, 954D

Tampines GreenGem Site Plan
Tampines GreenGem Site Plan

The blocks are arranged in a random diagonal format to maximise the distance between blocks for better privacy and minimise the direct impact of morning and afternoon sun. The surrounding sites are designated for high rise housing developments, thus only the higher floor units looking outwards to south-west in Block 953A and 953B may get unblocked views in the future.

Bin Centre, Electrical Sub-station (ESS) and Carpark Entrances

1. Bin Centres

The main bin centre is located on the 1st floor at between Blocks 951A and 952A. With the Pneumatic Waste Conveyance System, almost the entire estate waste will be collected at that single location. While the new waste system is much cleaner and efficient, the structure could be 2 storeys high and noisy during the waste collection.

However, it is noted that a secondary but small bin centre is located at Block 954C. It is advisable to avoid lower floor units that are facing either of the bin centres. The stacks to take note are:

Main Bin Centre
Block 951A – Stack 101, 103, 111
Block 952A – Stack 141, 143, 133

Secondary Bin Centre
Block 954C – Stack 237, 235

2. Electrical Sub-Station

The only ESS for the entire estate is located between 952C and 954C. While many reports has dismissed the health concerns, it is still worthwhile to know that the structure could be obstructing the views of the lower floor units.

3. Carpark Entrances and Exits

The carparks have varying heights between 1-storey to 3-storey and comes with a roof top landscape. There entrances and exits located Block 952 (west) and 954 (east) to meet the parking requirements of 1,086 housing units.

Assuming a 50% car ownership rate, there could be some 550 cars passing through both gates and producing large amount of noise. It is best to avoid those units which are in close proximity to these entrances.

Block 952 – Stack 141, 143
Block 954 – Stack 223, 225, 227, 229

Density of Blocks
It is interesting to note that the density in terms of number of dwelling units are much lower in Blocks 951C, 952C, 953A and 953B but do enjoy the same number of lifts installation as the remaining blocks.

If you are looking to purchase a 4-Room or 5-Room, it is worth considering these blocks above as they enjoy lower footfall and more privacy. These four blocks are also reminisce of the older point block concept, where there are only 4 housing units per level.

Affordability Guideline For Tampines GreenGem BTO Flats

The following calculations provides a general advice to the monthly mortgage payments for Tampines HDB flats:

Tampines BTO 3ROOM
Tampines BTO 3ROOM

Tampines BTO 3-Room

Typical Price: $260,000
10% Down-payment (CPF/Cash): $26,000

Additional CPF Housing Grant (AHG): $20,000
Special CPF Housing Grant (SHG): $0

With an initial 10% down-payment of $26,000, the remaining price of the flat can be supplement with a housing loan of $214,000 at monthly mortgage payment of $971. Based on a median household income of $3,500, the mortgage servicing ratio is 28%.

Tampines BTO 4ROOM
Tampines BTO 4ROOM

Tampines BTO 4-Room

Typical Price: $390,000
10% Down-payment (CPF/Cash): $39,000

Additional CPF Housing Grant (AHG): $0
Special CPF Housing Grant (SHG): $0

With an initial 10% down-payment of $39,000, the remaining price of the flat can be supplement with a housing loan of $351,000 at monthly mortgage payment of $1,593. Based on a median household income of $6,000, the mortgage servicing ratio is 27%.

Tampines GreenGem Floor Plan

Below are the suggested floor plans to help homebuyers visualise the layout of different bedroom type.

Tampines GreenGem Price
2Room Flexi Floor Plan
Tampines BTO Price
2Room Flexi Floor Plan Large
3Room Floor Plan
3Room Floor Plan

4Room Floor Plan
4Room Floor Plan
4Room Floor Plan B
4Room Floor Plan B

5Room Floor Plan
5Room Floor Plan
5Room Floor Plan B
5Room Floor Plan B 
5Room Floor Plan C
5Room Floor Plan C

Lifestyle And Shopping Malls Near Tampines GreenGems

The Tampines GreenGem is located in the heartland neighbourhood centre near Tampines Street 81 which provides a wide range of daily necessities and local delights in the coffeeshops. The housing development is near three different malls which are congregated at the Tampines Central to provide a wholesome of products and services.

Tampines One Mall
Tampines One Mall

Tampines 1

Tampines 1 managed by AsiaMalls is a haven for fashion and gourmet offering a wide selection of renowned international fashion labels and exciting dining concepts.

This iconic retail landmark features a total of 177 retail and dining tenants which are carefully curated stable of lifestyle, beauty and fashion brands. Some prominent brands  include Daniel Wellington, The Editor’s Market, MUJI, Under Armour, VANS, Sephora, Watsons. For household items, there are well known operators such as Cold Storage and Daiso.

Tampines Mall
Tampines Mall (Capitaland)

Tampines Mall

Located in the heart of the Tampines Regional Centre and adjacent to Tampines MRT station, Tampines Mall provides a balance mix of shopping, dining and entertainment choices to meet and exceed the needs of residents and working professionals around the popular regional centre.

Tampines Mall has a total net lettable area of 377,438 square feet and averages 25.6 million shoppers annually. The key tenants in Tampines Mall are NTUC FairPrice, Isetan, Golden Village and Kopitiam.

The extensive offering from fashion, food, supermarket and entertainment have been exceedingly popular amongst residents in Tampines Town.

Century Square

Century Square differentiates itself through the showcasing curated offers, new-to-market concepts, new tenants which complements the overall retail ecosystem in Tampines. It strives to create a community space where shoppers can indulge in its diverse products and services.

Century Mall, with its new modern façade, comprises of 6 exciting levels of retail, entertainment and F&B dining concepts. This family-friendly mall features several large nursing rooms, dedicated family car park lots, an outdoor roof deck and 24-hour fitness centre. National Library Board’s first-of-its-kind virtual library in a mall will be located at level 4.

Century Square leverages on digital technologies to deliver a seamless, relevant and convenient shopping environment.

Primary and Secondary Schools Near Tampines GreenGem

When deciding a home for long term use, it is of relative importance to consider the availability of quality primary and secondary schools as these factors have a relative positive correlation to the housing prices.

Some research have suggested that school quality has a causal effect on housing prices in major cities. The effect of school quality on the price of residences serves as one of the dominant factor in homebuyers’ decision-making processes. In some districts, housing prices rely more on the school quality in the neighbourhood than the distance to the business district.

Primary Schools

Junyuan Primary School
2 Tampines Street 91

St Hilda’s Primary School
2 Tampines Avenue 3

Tampines Primary School
250 Tampines Street 12

Yumin Primary School
3 Tampines Street 21

Chongzheng Primary School
1 Tampines Street 21

Angsana Primary School
3 Tampines Street 22

Changkat Primary School
11 Simei Street 3

Anthony’s Canossian Primary School
1602 Bedok North Avenue 4

Red Swastika School
350 Bedok North Avenue 3

Yu Neng Primary School
56 Bedok North Street 3

Secondary Schools

Springfield Secondary School
30 Tampines Avenue 8

Hilda’s Secondary School
2 Tampines Street 82

Tampines Secondary School
252 Tampines Street 12

Damai Secondary School
4800 Bedok Reservoir Road

Bedok Green Secondary School
360 Bedok North Avenue 3

Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School
1600 Bedok North Avenue 4

Anglican High School
600 Upper Changi Road

Changkat Changi Secondary School
23 Simei Street 3

Ngee Ann Secondary School
1 Tampines Street 32

Pasir Ris Secondary School
390 Tampines Street 21

Junyuan Secondary School
11 Tampines Street 84

Downtown Line MRT Map
Downtown Line MRT Map (Credit LTA)

Transport Infrastructure Near Tampines GreenGem

Tampines is an established town with a mature transport system that enables its residents to travel between places at ease. Since the completion of Downtown Line Stage 3, it has significantly expanded the connectivity across Tampines town.Apart from MRT train, there are 4 bus stops to provide direct access to nearby towns. The closest two bus stops are labelled as 75229 and 75061.

Bus Numbers: 2N, 8, 15, 15A, 23, 69, 118, 118B, 129, 513, 518

Bus Numbers: 2N, 5, 18, 21, 22, 28, 46, 59, 65, 67, 69, 168

Choosing a property near mature transport system is a positive factor when choosing a home for long term usage in Singapore as cost of private transport is expensive.

Tampines West MRT
Tampines West MRT (Credit Zhen Kang)

Tampines West MRT (DT31)
The Tampines West MRT Station at approximately 300 metres away from Tampines Green Gems  is a subterranean station built underneath Tampines Avenue 4 with two ground level exits – A and B. The Tampines West MRT Station has an island styled dual platform which services along the Downtown Line (DTL) Stage 3.

The station’s exit A is located along Tampines Avenue 4 which is closer to the Tampines Polyview residential estate, Temasek Polytechnic, Junyuan Primary School and East View Primary School. The station’s exit B is located along Tampines Avenue 1 which is closer to Tampines Palmspring residential estate and SAFRA Tampines.

Completion Time Guideline For Tampines GreenGem BTO Flats

For home buyers who are applying for Tampines GreenGem select your flats between January 2019 to July 2019. The BTO flat is estimated to complete by end of second quarter 2023 and home owners can expect to receive their keys by 30 April 2024.

The estimated waiting time for Tampines GreenGem BTO flats is 45 to 48 months. This waiting time is almost double that of the BTO flats offered in EastGlen @ Canberra and Melody Spring @ Yishun. Learn more information about Tampines GreenGem.